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P.S. This will be a FAST webinar - only about 5 or 6 minutes - as I don't keep you from your books. It is vital that you bring a pen and some paper. You may want to watch it a couple of times, to take it all in. There's a feedback form you can use on the webinar to send me emails. I'm putting together a much more leisurely and detailed course for writers about how to do things like this, so let me know your questions. 

UPDATE, 29th Feb 2012: Jing is a free screen capture tool mentioned both in my article in Writing Magazine, and in this webinar. Today, they announced that the professional version of Jing will be retired next year. If you choose to grab a paid version, you should look at Snagit and Camtasia - both by the same company - rather than Jing Pro.